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MSLC(Multi-stable Liquid Crystal)

Halation design the new liquid crystal organic molecules and make them compatible formulation.

Their internal molecular forces will hold their alignment without external forces (electrical field or heat). The power is only needed when molecular alignment change (switch between clear and scattering state)

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Multi-stable monochromatic LCD module in reflective mode for E-paper applications.

The Halation Whiteon® Technology Advantages:

·Monochrome reflective display

·Multiple grey levels (no limit in theory, simple for 32 levels)

·Color background for simple single color to white contrast

·No power needed to keep static information

·Millisecond level per line refresh time

·High reflectivity without polarizer

·No backlight

·Good sunlight legibility

·Low cost in mass production

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Multi-stable or Bi-stable privacy glaszing for auto and architectural Industries.

Clear State:Liquid crystal molecules aligned all homeotropically, so light go through the glass with no refractive index change. The glass looks clear.

Scattering State:Because of the birefringence of the liquid crystal molecules, when the molecules randomly aligned, the incoming light will be scattered around. The glass looks opaque.

§ No edge effect

§ Large size MFG capability

§ Glass substrate protection with good reliability

§ Low power , Zero standby power consumption

§ haze <2%, equivalent to the ordinary glass

§ No toxic, health and environmental protection

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Full color display module in trans-reflective mode for digital frame, outdoor billboards, street window advertising displays.

The Halation Silkink Technology Advantages:

§ Unique double-sided full color display (trans-reflective display) 360°viewing angle

§ High ambient light reflectivity (no polarizer, and no backlight), excellent legibility under sunlight

§ Good color performance with multiple grey levels

§ No power consumption needed when keeping one static image

§ Compatible with existing LCD manufacturing process and mass production readiness