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Facing the National Recruitment agents at all levels Halation

Halation founded in 2007, is a multistable liquid crystaltechnology the most advanced in the world and its product development and production, is also the world's first multi stable liquid crystaltechnology industrial company. halation with independent intellectual property rights, based on domestic, have collaboration in the globalindustrial chain of high-tech companies.

A series of products currently hanlang application of its core multistable liquid crystal technology developed, in the retail system, medical system,logistics and other industries, has attracted wide attention from the society, now to the nationwide Wanted agents at all levels.

An application for the regional agents and distributors, Halation should have the following requirements:

1, can independently bear civil liability for personal or business unit;

2, can provide technical service and consulting services necessary for the user;

3, individuals need to submit a copy of your ID, submit a photocopy of the business license of enterprise enterprise;

4, the team with professional knowledge hanlang products, familiar with sales skills, and the record company;

5, have good business conditions and customer service ability;

6, have the ability to effectively promote the local hanlang products;

7, to assist with Halation carries on the market promotion activities.

Halation product advantage:

1 resource monopoly: area only your company the exclusive agent, andthe development of lower level agents.

2 big profit: after joining will let you get rich return space.

3 market space: the increasing popularity of O2O, Halation products has become one of its components.

4 zero cost: as long as you have enough money and human eye consciousness, zero yuan bond.

5, strong support backing: company training free of charge for you or your team, direct and famous network headquarters zero docking.

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